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This website is part of the service provided by STOPline Pty Ltd to Basketball Australia. The service may be used by any basketball participant or stakeholder to report any issue that may adversely affect the integrity of the sport of basketball in Australia. Further information on the sorts of matters that should be reported and the ways that they can be reported are found throughout this site. We encourage you to explore this site and you will find access to Basketball Australia’s integrity policies and the most frequently asked questions about the service provided to Basketball Australia by STOPline and how it works.


Anthony Moore 2
Name: Anthony Moore
Position: CEO
Basketball Australia acknowledges that our sport, like many others, is not immune to the risks of corruption and match-fixing, doping, illicit drug use and other issues that may jeopardise the integrity of our great game.  Through the establishment of the National Integrity Framework, Basketball Australia is leading a proactive approach to mitigate these risks and deliver a safe, fair and trustworthy environment for the game of basketball at all levels across Australia. The National Integrity Framework begins and ends with the values that underscore the game we all love. The framework supports a fun and safe environment for everyone involved in basketball, promotes excellence at all levels and behaviour that is ethical, honest and trustworthy to ensure basketball will continue to be a source of national pride. The National Integrity Framework incorporates a whistle-blower policy that empowers you to play an active role in the elimination of improper conduct in basketball in Australia.  This policy is enabled through STOPline, a confidential, independent provider of whistleblowing services who will take full details of your concerns via telephone, mail, email, fax or this website.  It is also important to remember our national policy enables individuals to maintain anonymity should they so desire.  STOPline is available to all stakeholders in basketball in Australia, including employees of Basketball Australia, NBL and our member states, contractors, volunteers, players, coaches, officials and referees.  Translation services can be provided if requested. As well as the disclosure process, this website links back to our National Integrity Framework ( which outlines the depth and breadth of this new program. We are all the current custodians of the game of basketball and we are all obligated to uphold and maintain the integrity of our sport.  I believe that our new National Integrity Framework and supporting tools, such as this reporting hotline, is just another example of Basketball Australia’s commitment to best practice. Sincerely, Anthony Moore